France's European Affairs Minister: No Brexit delay without 'very good reasons'

The French Minister for European Affairs has insisted that there can be no further delay to Brexit without “very, very good reasons”. More than three years on from the 2016 referendum, there aren’t any!

Speaking to France 2 in an interview highlighted by the French Embassy in the UK, Amélie de Montchalin said that there would have to be “very, very good reasons to postpone the date”.

Former Conservative MP and Chief of Staff to David Davis, Stewart Jackson, responded to the interview by tweeting: “Memo to French Embassy: Boris Johnson will NOT be seeking a further extension of Article 50.”

She revealed that President Macron “will have a meeting with Boris Johnson in France in the next few weeks” and tried to dismiss talk of a No Deal Brexit by saying “that if the United Kingdom wants to leave the European Union, and if it wants to do so in an orderly fashion, the best thing we have is the deal. Why is the deal being talked about?”

Montchalin argues that the current Treaty “wasn’t imposed on the British” though seems not to understand the fact that it has been emphatically rejected three times in a row.

Whilst at the same time she warns against a WTO Brexit, saying: “I want to say, and French people really must understand, that if there’s no deal it basically means we’ll have no relations of trust.

“The Swiss and the Norwegians are not in the European Union, but we trust them because we’ve created a trading relationship with them, a cultural relationship, a calm economic relationship. What we’re seeking is to calm things down.”

The British people have waited long enough already. No more extensions. Boris Johnson’s government must now deliver.