France sees 60% increase in radicalisation since Bataclan attack

France has seen a shocking increase of 60% in the number of people on the Terrorist Prevention and Radicalization Reporting File ( FSPRT ) according to Le Figaro. 

The French newspaper says the number of people has increased to 18,550, up from just over 11,000 at the time of the Bataclan massacre in November 2015. The file is set to keep on growing, as French security services evaluate more people.

As of June 2017, 26% of people on the list were females and a shocking 16% were minors. Westmonster has previously reported on radicalised youth in France, including a shocking report which claimed a third of Muslim students consider it “acceptable” to “participate in violent actions for his ideas”.

The report was buried because its authors were worried it might help Marine Le Pen.

Earlier this week, a terrorist ran over six French soldiers outside their barracks, however, things are set to only get worse for Europe as the head of French Homeland Security, Laurent Nuñez, admitted that we can expect more attacks on our soil as ISIS collapses in Iraq and Syria.

Nuñez says “frustrated jihadists” will commit terror acts on French soil as an “alternative to a fleeing to fight in Syria.”

Sadly this is an issue that isn’t going anyway until time soon.