Fox: Ruling out No Deal would weaken UK's position

International Trade Secretary Liam Fox has warned that a move by some Remainer MPs, including those in the Cabinet, to rule out a No Deal Brexit would weaken the UK’s hand in negotiations with the European Union.

The senior Brexiteer has told the Sunday Telegraph: “Taking No Deal off the table would be to remove the single strongest card that we have in our negotiation with the EU itself and would therefore fundamentally weaken our position

“While do not want to see a No Deal scenario, the risk of failing to deliver on Brexit itself is too great to be contemplated.”

He was backing up by the Northern Ireland Minister John Penrose who has also warned against MPs blocking a No Deal Brexit: “Taking the option off the table wouldn’t just massively weaken the Prime Minister’s negotiating position. It could torpedo Brexit completely, leaving us in a ‘Hotel California’ Brexit, where we’d checked out but could never leave.

“Why? Because if we say we will never, ever leave without a deal, the EU would know, for certain, that they can stop Brexit in its tracks simply by refusing to agree a deal with us.”

It is outrageous that senior government figures Amber Rudd, David Gauke and Greg Clark are openly talking up a Brexit delay in order to stop an EU exit on WTO terms.

They wrote for the Daily Mail: “If there is no breakthrough in the coming week, the balance of opinion in Parliament is clear – that it would be better to seek to extend Article 50 and delay our date of departure rather than crash out of the European Union on March 29.”

No Deal is better than a bad EU deal but Remainers are still looking to lock the UK into the European Union’s permanent orbit and use the opportunity to delay and stop Brexit completely. Brexiteer MPs must be prepared to fight to deliver on what 17.4 million Leave voters want to see: a clean break with the European Union.