Fox: No Deal Brexit is default government policy

International Trade Secretary Liam Fox has confirmed that a No Deal Brexit remains the government’s default position if an EU deal can’t get through Parliament.

With rumours flying around of a potential Remainer plot to stop Brexit and of a government stitch-up to keep the UK inside a permanent EU Customs Union that would kill off global trade deals, Fox reiterated that the UK can leave with No Deal on 29th March.

This morning he told the BBC’s Today programme: “The government will want to leave with a deal but the government will want to prepare for No Deal if it’s impossible to get any agreement through the House of Commons.

“That would be the default policy (No Deal).

He went on to say that: “I don’t regard No Deal as national suicide. I think that No Deal would damage our economy but I think it’s survivable.

“I think no Brexit, politically, is a disaster from which we might not recover.”

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