Fox: Government conducting "extensive" reviews ready for No Deal

Britain’s International Trade Secretary Liam Fox has insisted that the government are indeed preparing for a ‘No Deal’ scenario with the European Union.

Asked by the BBC what the plan was if the EU decided to continue with its hardline approach, Brexiteer Fox said that: “We’re conducting extensive reviews across Whitehall on contingency if we don’t reach a deal.

“But we’re certainly not going to be telling those we’re negotiating with and certainly not on TV what those contingencies might be.”

This is the of course the correct, logical thing to be doing. Whether it comes to huge Brexit bills or European Courts the EU is insisting on big concessions from the UK and talks are dragging during the current Article 50 period.

The ability to be able to walk away with ‘No Deal’ and pay nothing to the EU is what gives Britain a stronger negotiating hand. If Brussels want to play hardball, the British government must walk away.