Fox: Delaying Brexit further would be 'complete betrayal'

Trade Secretary Liam Fox has rejected the prospect of seeking to extend the Article 50 process and delay Brexit further, describing such a move as “a complete betrayal”, backing a No Deal rather than any time extension.

Speaking to Business Insider, Fox pointed out: “The public have told us, it wasn’t a consultation, to leave the European Union, and the public already wonders why it’s going to take more than four years after the referendum for us to fully remove ourselves from the EU.

“To attempt to extend our membership even longer, many voters would regard as a complete betrayal by the political class, and I think they would be right.”

Jacob Rees-Mogg was quick to back up Fox, tweeting: “Extending Article 50 is the definition of failure for the government.”

There is increasing talk in Brussels and by some Remainers in Britain of pushing back Brexit further. Their strategy is to play for more time to ultimately stop Brexit. That simply cannot be allowed to happen.