Foster: May's deal is dead

The DUP’s Arlene Foster has once again stated her party’s steadfast opposition to Theresa May’s EU plan including the hated backstop, describing what is being put forward to MPs to vote on as “dead”.

Foster told the BBC: “We told Theresa May to stop wasting time last November, she is still not listening and she is going to put a plan to Parliament that is dead.”

As to if what May had sought from Brussels was enough? “We would prefer if the backstop disappeared, what we’ve been presented with is a narrative and doesn’t add anything.”

With the DUP’s 10 MPs standing strong against the deal, it confirms once more that it has no chance of getting through Parliament.

But with Theresa May having promised time and again that the UK will be exiting the EU on 29th March this year as promised, it is time for the government to show some leadership and make clear that the country is ready, able and willing to leave with No Deal.