Former New Zealand Trade Chief: Chequers could block UK joining 'biggest trade deal in history'

The former New Zealand Trade Minister and High Commissioner has blasted Theresa May’s Chequers deal as it could block the UK entering the CPTTP – the largest free trade agreement in history.

Writing for ConservativeHome, Sir Lockwood Smith said May’s plan could cause problems because it would mean the UK would be tied to EU rules on goods. He wrote: “CPTPP is the largest free trade agreement in history, covering both goods and services.

Apart from lowering and in most sectors eliminating tariffs, it also reduces non-tariff barriers to trade – regulatory barriers behind the border that often delay if not prevent trade.”

The UK is currently engaged in talks in an attempt to join the CPTTP, joining after Brexit could represent a huge boost for British consumers and businesses as tariffs are reduced on goods and services.

The former Trade Minister laid out a stark warning for the Prime Minister saying: “If Brexit results in the Chequers approach, with the regulations dictated from Brussels, it’s difficult to see how the UK could meet these important requirements.”

Theresa May will make the UK become a vassal state if we continue with her plan that could block huge trading opportunities around the world.