Former Leader and Deputy Leader of UKIP Thurrock join Tories

The former Leader of UKIP’s Council group in Thurrock, Graham Snell, has become the latest former Kipper to join the Tory Party.

Not only that but another former UKIP Councillor and Deputy Leader of the group, Roy Jones, has switched to the Conservatives as well.

This is significant as Thurrock was pretty much the strongest UKIP branch in the entire country at one point, where Graham Snell had led a group of 17 Councillors.

In a joint statement, Snell and Jones have said: “We are pleased to be a part of the Thurrock Conservative team. We decided to join them for two main reasons.

“Firstly, we got into politics to fight for Brexit. Only the Conservatives can deliver Brexit. With Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour hell bent on keeping us in the EU, we need to back the Conservative to get us out.

“Secondly, they launched ‘clean it, cut it, fill it’ to clean up the borough, they are investing record amounts in education and health, and have achieved a long term balanced budget to secure services. Simply, we feel Thurrock is better off under the Conservatives.”

Increasingly Brexiteers are switching to the Tories. If the Tories can become the party of Brexit, expect a Blue Wave across the country…