Former Head of MI6 and academics back No Deal Brexit

A large group including University academics, a former Lord Justice of Appeal and the former Head of MI6 have backed a No Deal Brexit instead of Theresa May’s EU deal.

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In a letter to The Telegraph that describe the proposed Withdrawal Agreement as “disastrous”, explaining: “New trade agreements would be restricted. We would continue to pay £10 billion a year. There would be no control over EU migration. There would be no tangible benefits to show from Brexit.”

Instead, the group back the UK leaving on WTO terms: “A No Deal exit, while requiring adjustments, offers immediate opportunities. It would allow us to cut unnecessary tariffs, reduce costly regulation, save on budget contributions and sign beneficial trade deals.

“The government should propose a binding undertaking to begin free‑trade negotiations after leaving, and in the meantime accept side deals already offered by the EU. If this offer is refused, we should leave with side deals alone and with no transition period: ‘WTO Plus’.”

Those signing the letter include the former Head of MI6 Sir Richard Dearlove, former Lord Justice Sir Richard Aikens, London School of Economics Professor Gwythian Prins
and Dr Ian Winter from the Department of Physiology at University of Cambridge, along with businessman John Mills and economist Dr. Ruth Lea.

Their support comes amid rumours that the government would slash trade tariffs after a WTO Brexit, reducing prices for consumers in the process.

Why are MPs so afraid of seizing the global opportunities of independence possible if the UK leaves the EU without a deal?