Former French PM embroiled in voter fraud scandal

The dust hasn’t yet settled on the bruising French election campaign, which has seen the establishment socialist and Republican parties absolutely wiped out, yet one clinger-on (who happens to be their former Prime Minister, Manuel Valls) is already embroiled in a voter fraud scandal.

Valls narrowly held on to his seat, by 130 votes, prompting calls for a recount. As he made his victory speech, the angry crowd can be heard jeering loudly in front of him. Scuffles broke out between supporters and opponents at the hall where the count was taking place.

Sources confirmed to Westmonster that they believe the vote was rigged in order for Valls to retain his seat. It is believed that an investigation will be pushed for by the party, however, it is unlikely to result in any conclusion or forced byelection for at least four or five months.

A well-placed source told Westmonster that the doors were closed at Valls’ local count, leading some to speculate that his supporters could have tampered with votes in order to get him over the line. The source told Westmonster they believe Valls supporters at the count tore his opponents ballot slips, which officially invalidates them.

Some outlets were reporting last night that journalists were banned from attending the recount:

Westmonster will be watching closely as to how this all unfolds…