Huge crowds turn out for Football Lads Alliance anti-extremism demo in London

Westmonster has been told that the Football Lads Alliance march against terrorism was attended by 73,000 people this weekend – but where was the BBC coverage?


Posted by Big Phil Campion on Saturday, 7 October 2017

Football supporters from across the country joined forces to march the streets of London, demanding more be done to protect the population, and especially children, from terror.

There was not a single arrest.

Westmonster spoke to Big Phil Campion, ex-SAS who gave a rousing speech at the event on Saturday. He told us: “It’s like minded people who have identified there is a problem and something needs to be done about it. That problem is terror – they’re attacking our children.

“It’s not about race or religion – there’s extremism on the far left, on the far right and any extremism needs to be stamped out.”

Do you remember the coverage the pro-EU rallies got on the BBC? Many other national outlets managed to turn up and report on it, but not the state broadcaster. Tens of thousands of people, a massive groundswell in public opinion…and it goes largely ignored by the mainstream media.

Westmonster will be speaking to Big Phil tomorrow about the Football Lads Alliance and terrorism. Make sure you tune in.