Flint: 'Hardening' support for No Deal Brexit in Doncaster

Labour MP Caroline Flint is the latest to reveal that she’s encountered a “hardening view in favour of No Deal” among Leavers in her constituency.

Speaking on the BBC’s Politics Live today, Flint said that Remain and Leave voters were now asking her “why aren’t we just getting on” with Brexit.

And she went on to say: “I have to say though amongst a number of Leave voters, and I don’t think this is just typical of Doncaster, there is a hardening view in favour of No Deal.”

Whilst Jeremy Corbyn wants the government to rule out No Deal, Stoke MP Ruth Smeeth revealed yesterday that 75% of the voters that had written to her now favour No Deal and the Sunderland Echo found 70% of their readers in favour of a No Deal, despite Labour MPs in the city disgracefully calling for a second referendum.

The gap between Labour and Brexit Britain widens…