Five Star figures back coalition with Italy's anti-mass migration Lega

Two senior politicians from Italy’s anti-establishment 5-Star Movement have called on the party to form a coalition with the anti-mass migration Lega.

“Salvini is doing everything right and there are plenty of policies we can agree on,” one Senator sold Reuters.

Lega’s main man Matteo Salvini is expected to meet 5-Star Leader Luigi Di Maio next week, something which will terrify EU leaders owing to both parties staunch opposition to the Euro and the EU’s immigration policies.

The Senators dismissed concerns that a coalition with League wouldn’t go down well with their core voters in the south, who believe League only represent ‘rich northerners’.

“Salvini has changed the League’s identity, and he was elected in a southern seat himself,” one said, adding “In any case, we are strongest in the south and we would guarantee the right policies for the south.”

One issue which could stand in the way of a coalition is former Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, who set up the Forza Italia party to stand for re-election.

Salvini has vowed not to abandon his allies in the centre-right grouping to form a coalition with Di Maio, however, a large part of 5-Star’s appeal is that they promised to clean up politics.

“I would not find it acceptable for us to have a role in any government which includes Forza Italia,” a 5-Star senator said, which is unsurprising given Berlusconi’s prior conviction for tax fraud and impending trial for allegedly bribing a witness.

In an attempt to move coalition talks on, Salvini dropped his claim to be Prime Minister on Monday.

It is not ‘Salvini or death,” he told Italian media.

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Both parties have enough seats to form a majority government. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Brussels won’t be worried.