Five Labour frontbenchers resign to vote against second referendum

Several frontbenchers quit their roles in the Labour Party in order to vote against a second referendum last night. Jeremy Corbyn’s party pathetically chose to abstain overall, but a few Labour MPs had the bottle to do the right thing.

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Barnsley MP Stephanie Peacock resigned from the Opposition Whips office, saying: “It is with deep regret I tonight resigned from Labour’s frontbench, because I believe we should respect the result of the 2016 vote to leave the European Union.”

In her letter she makes clear that: “In all good conscience I had to vote tonight to clearly rule out any form of second referendum. I believe the people spoke in 2016 and we need to enact their decision.”

Meanwhile Stoke MP Ruth Smeeth also resigned to vote against a second referendum, explaining: “I’ve resigned from Labour’s frontbench this evening in order to vote against a second referendum. This was a difficult decision but I have a duty to support the will of my constituents. We need to leave, and leave with a deal that works for the Potteries.”

Smeeth had previously highlighted the huge support for a WTO Brexit in her constituency. Earlier this year she said: “Over the Christmas break 75% of my constituents who wrote to me urged me to support leaving the European Union without any kind of deal.”

Three others quit their roles to oppose a second referendum, including Shadow Housing Minister Yvonne Fovargue, Shadow Business Minister Justin Madders and Shadow Education Minister Emma Lewell-Buck.

Thankfully the amendment for a second referendum was obliterated by 334 to 85 votes, though Parliament sadly backed a government motion to delay Brexit.

Jeremy Corbyn’s pathetic posturing on Brexit has seen his personal popularity recently hit rock bottom. Labour’s refusal to accept the people’s vote in 2016 now forces their own MPs to rebel simply to respect the democratic wishes of 17.4 million Leave voters. Absolutely shameful.

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