Fishing For Leave throw fish into Thames to protest Brexit transition deal

Fishing For Leave are staging a protest on the Thames because they fear the transitional Brexit deal will annihilate what’s left of the UK fishing industry.

The protesters are planning to toss fish back into the water to show what they have to do every day thanks to EU regulations.

Tory MP Ross Thomson said the transition deal falls well short of what was expected.

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He said: “We’re leaving the EU and gaining back control of our waters and literally within seconds of leaving we’re handing all of that back to the EU.”

Fishing for Leave founder, Aaron Brown, said: “It’s an absolute abject betrayal of Britain’s fishing industry and coastal communities.

“We were sold out on the way in and now we’re going to be sold out on the way out.”

Nigel Farage has now boarded the boat. He said: “Promises were made that weren’t kept. Secondly, let’s talk about the environment as well. Haddock stocks in the West Country at the moment are very good indeed, but British fishermen get to fish 9% of that. 9%. They have to throw the fish back. It’s mad, the whole thing.

“I don’t think this government’s got the guts or the strength to stand up and take back our territorial waters. During that 21month transition there are already hundreds of under 10m inshore fishermen in this country literally existing on the brink. I think hundreds of fishermen could go bust during that 21 month period.”

The fishing industry helped drive through Brexit. It lost the most at the hand of the EU and stood to gain the most from the Leave vote. It’s absolutely shocking that the government can sell them out like this.