Fishing for Leave announce mass protests over Brexit transition deal

Fishing for Leave are staging protests across the country to hit back against the government’s apparent sell-out of fishing communities in the Brexit transition deal.

The group says the terms of the deal would mean that the EU could essentially eradicate the UK fishing fleet and plunder British waters. It represents a total betrayal of the fishing communities who have already been badly hit by EU membership in the past.

On Sunday, around 200 vessels will form flotillas in places such as Whitstable, Hastings, Portsmouth, Milford Haven,  Newcastle and Plymouth.

Fishing for Leave spokesman Alan Hastings said: “Our nations fishing and communities were surrendered to the EU and have suffered immeasurably through EU mis-management.

“The vote to leave was a godsend to our struggling industry and communities. It provided a golden opportunity to automatically repatriate all our waters and resources, worth £6-8 billion, and to start new policy to rejuvenate our coastal communities and industry.

“Fishermen are sickened and enraged that our government has capitulated to obeying all EU law after Brexit. Consigning us to remaining trapped in the disastrous CFP until January 2021, and possibly trapped forever in exchange for a deal trade.

“The transition is a second betrayal of fishing, of the Brexit vote, of an opportunity and is a second surrender of our communities.

“Our communities might not matter to them (politicians) but they matter to us.  Coastal communities count. MPs better remember that and that No deal is better than a bad deal or these flotillas will just be the start.”