First Welsh pro-Brexit think tank launches

A new Welsh think-tank has been launched to offer “a positive vision for Wales outside the European Union”.

Those behind the new ‘Centre for Welsh Studies’ say they will challenge what they call ‘the current political establishment’ in Wales.

Llyr Powell and Matthew Mackinnon, the group’s founders, said:

“For far too long ordinary people have felt alienated from the political establishment in Cardiff Bay.

“The Centre for Wales will work with the people of Wales and institutions all over the globe. From businesses, governments, charities, communities and campaigns fro a truly global Wales in which all can share in its prosperity.

We are the only Welsh think tank ready to cater for the seismic political realignment already underway. It’s time to empower the individual.”

Given that Wales, like England,  voted to leave the EU, it’s nice to see someone standing up for Welsh voters!

Be sure to check them out and sign up as a supporter!