'Fifth columnist' Anti-No Deal Remainer Rudd criticised by Ministers

Staunch Remainer Amber Rudd is under heavy criticism for publicly backing a delay to Brexit instead of a No Deal Brexit. It is frankly bonkers that she was invited back into the Cabinet, another odd decision by Theresa May’s government.

Rudd penned a Daily Mail column along with Greg Clark and David Gauke arguing that “it would be better to seek to extend Article 50 and delay our date of departure rather than crash out of the European Union on March 29”. Talk about of touch, Leavers have already waited years and if the Remainers get their way now face the prospect of a delay that would shatter public trust in the government. You get the feeling some Ministers still don’t want the UK to leave the EU at all.

In response, a number of Cabinet Ministers have demanded that Rudd be sacked, with five anonymously quoted in the Sunday Times. They say of Rudd:

“My colleagues are totally undermining the PM…they should be sacked now”

“Amber Rudd is the fifth columnist of a stop Brexit bandwagon’

“It’s astonishing disloyalty after Amber Rudd was given another cabinet job by the PM”

“Too many egos are being flaunted around. They must stop using their position to advance their own leadership bids”

“This behaviour is completely outrageous. The PM cannot give in”

It is quite incredible that senior government figures want to block a No Deal, massively weakening the UK’s hand in negotiations. Rudd and the hardline Remainers should be given the boot.