FGM 'being carried out on babies in Britain'

Female Genital Mutilation is being increasingly performed on babies and very young children in Britain, according to a BBC report.

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Dr. Charlotte Proudman told the BBC that there is “a lot of anecdotal data which shows FGM is now being performed on babies.

“These girls are not at school, they are not at nursery, and so it’s very difficult for any public authority to become aware.

“By performing it at such a young age, they’re evading the law.”

West Yorkshire Police have said that one quarter of their FGM reports between 2015 and 2017 involved victims aged 3 or younger. Truly horrific.

Sickeningly, political correctness is likely getting in the way of dealing with the issue. Proudman also told the Beeb that: “People are concerned about cultural sensitivities, worried about being branded racist, and it’s being performed on a very private area.”

Rotherham’s MP, Sarah Champion, responded by tweeting: “More needs to be done to prevent this barbaric practice.”

The Ugandan mother of a three-year-old girl became the first person convicted of FGM in the UK last week.

Disturbingly, Quilliam found that there were more than 5,000 new cases of FGM in one year.

The report’s author, Muna Adil, urged action and said: “We already have the data to indicate which communities and boroughs are high-risk situations – there is no credible reason for us to be shying away from this issue.”