Fewer British youngsters at Oxbridge with huge rise in foreign students

There are significantly fewer British students studying at Oxford or Cambridge University than there were a decade ago, new figures have revealed.

Compared to ten years ago there are now 7% fewer UK undergraduates at Oxford and 5% fewer at Cambridge.

At the same time, the number of foreign undergraduates has risen by 45% at Oxford and a whopping 65% at Cambridge.

Universities can charge huge fees for non-EU students. One example is Cambridge University’s medical degrees, where they charge UK and EU undergraduates the maximum of £9,250 per year compared to £52,638 for what they class as ‘international/overseas students’.

Ucas, who run University admissions, say that this year 561,420 people have applied for a course this year. That includes a record 63,690 students from outside the European Union apply to British Universities.

Meanwhile more than half of UK Universities have fewer than 5% of white working class students in their intake.

The country is in dire need of a major shake-up in the education system. It is massively concerning that fewer British students are getting into Oxbridge. And with social mobility in Britain on its arse, we need a huge expansion of grammar schools so the poorest kids can get on and get in.