Ferrari: More youngsters will die unless we confront reality with stop and search

Nick Ferrari had an epic row with a caller on his LBC show, after the presenter called for the police to increase the number of stop and searches following a huge rise in knife and gun crime across the capital.

Alex, from Camden (of course) phoned in to argue “There is crime right across society, from Manchester to London. The job of the police is to investigate and prosecute crime. The more ineffective the police are, the more people take the law into their own hands.”

Ferrari hit back, saying: “OK, let’s do it your way, where no one actually says that tragically and sadly, some black kids in this town like to carry knifes. And sometimes they use them, often not always, on other black kids.

“And let’s look at more black faces looking out at us in the Evening Standard and other newspapers of people who get tragically killed.

“And we’ll keep going on your liberal way and more kids will die but we’ll never confront the reality. Happy?”

Alex said that Ferrari was “talking rubbish” to which the presenter fumed: “Explain to me, then, why over the last 12 months since we’ve not done as much stop and search, we’ve had an 84% rise in youth killings, what do you put that down to? A change in the moon?”

The caller tried to pipe up with the claim that police under-funding was to blame, but Ferrari wasn’t taking any crap, saying: “The cops we have got out there can’t even do their bloody job because they’re too frightened if they stop someone with a non-white face…all you’re saying is you’re talking rubbish and all you do is waffle on about Manchester and god-knows what else. You have no facts to backup what you’re saying.”

Time for Britain to get tough when it comes to law and order. That’s the only way to stop these senseless, brutal killings from continuing on.