Ferrari: Completely insane to give away billions in foreign aid with NHS in crisis

LBC’s Nick Ferrari said it’s ‘completely insane’ that Britain spends billions of pounds in foreign aid while the NHS is on its knees.

Thousands of operations have been cancelled and A&E’s across the UK are turning away non-urgent patients, but £13bn-a-year is being spent abroad – some of it going to countries like India, which has a space programme.

Ferrari said: “The Foreign Aid Budget, which is £13bn. The NHS is getting the thick end of £3bn-a-week. I don’t think all the money that goes in is well spent. But this crisis is unprecedented. Tens of thousands of operations cancelled. Senior doctors will be at the doors of A&E unites across England and Wales to turn away non-urgent patients.

“But then we have £13bn sitting in a fund to providing contraceptive clinics in Malawi but we haven’t got enough to look after patients in Stoke, am I the only one that thinks this is completely insane?”

This government seems too focused on grandstanding on the world stage to actually care for its own citizens. Surely the welfare of British citizens should be put first?