Fears of secret government plot to keep Britain in EU

Is the government secretly planning to stay in the European Union? Well, it looks like they might be…

The Electoral Commission has been handed £829,000 to pay for ‘activities relating to a European Parliamentary election in 2019’…after the UK should have left the EU, according to The Telegraph.

ElCom says it’s “precautionary measure, so that we have the necessary funds to deliver our functions at a European Parliamentary election, in the unlikely event that they do go ahead”.

Yeh, right! Everyone knows the Electoral Commission is basically a Remain cabal…

Iain Duncan Smith, the former Tory leader, said: “It raises the question – are they planning for us not leaving the European Union? Are they ignoring what Theresa May has said and deliberately still believing that we won’t have left the EU?

“It is complete madness to earmark money to spend on an election that the Prime Minister has already said we will not fight unless you are working to make sure the UK stays in the EU in which you are working against the British people.”

Surely this is a clearest indication yet that the government is secretly plotting to keep us in the EU, or that it’s at least a possibility? The British public voted to leave, why on earth would there need to be money set aside to fight another EU election?

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