'Fast track' lanes for UK tourists in Portuguese airports post-Brexit

In yet another embarrassing drubbing for the establishment’s increasingly bonkers Project Fear, the Portuguese government have revealed plans for British tourists to get ‘fast track’, UK-only lanes post-Brexit. British tourists are a huge financial asset, this is the type of common sense solution we’ll see plenty more of once the UK has left the European Union.

Prime Minister Antonio Costa has announced the lanes will be running at Faro Airport in the Algarve and Funchal Airport on Madeira.

“Millions of Britons visit Portugal as tourists every year – we have to ensure the flow is not interrupted,” he reiterated.

A few days ago PM Costa tweeted: “Today approved the contingency plan for the Brexit. The package of measures aims to provide guarantees of security and tranquility to the 400,000 Portuguese residing in the UK and the British 23,000 to reside in Portugal, and keep the tourist flows at regular levels.”

Portuguese Economy Minister, Pedro Siza Vieira, has also revealed that tourists won’t need a visa even in the event of a No Deal Brexit. He told Reuters that: “In the absence of an alternative proposal by the United Kingdom, what every (EU) member state is doing is adopting measures that allow them to react to a unilateral circumstance.”

He also revealed that Portugal will “unilaterally” guarantee rights for British citizens living in the country, including access to healthcare. European governments are going to do everything they can to ensure a smooth relationship with Brexit Britain moving forward, it’s in their interests to do so.

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