Farage: World has changed, establishment hasn't woken up

As Donald Trump prepares to swear in as the 45th US President tomorrow, the results of the US elections on November 8th still seem to have left this government flat footed to say the least.

As with our historic Brexit result on June 23rd, no plans were made to prepare for what comes next if ordinary people voted for a result that was not expected or desired by the establishment.

It was an extraordinary sight to see Conservatives (and indeed Eurosceptic ones at that) not just being abusive about a potential leader of the free world, but in some cases even calling for Hillary Clinton to win.

At times it felt like Piers Morgan and I were the only two people outside of America that had anything even vaguely nice to say about Donald Trump. Perhaps that explains why when Boris Johnson flew to New York to meet with Trump’s team, he did not get to meet with Trump himself. To add to this, we don’t yet have a firm date for our Prime Minister to meet the new President either.

2016 was a year of huge surprises for the establishment. A series of events that none of the so-called experts saw coming led us to the triple whammy of Brexit, the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States and a huge rebellion in Italy which resulted in the subsequent resignation of the Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.

Only a fool would say that in 2017 similar shocks cannot occur as Geert Wilders’ party consistently leads in the polls with a spring General Election fast approaching and Marine Le Pen’s campaign in France is also gaining momentum. It is therefore extraordinary that the British Embassy in Paris is not reaching out to all of the main contenders to be France’s next President, who will be elected in May.

Yet, Marine Le Pen has been excluded from this. I’m not saying that she will win, but there is every chance she could, and I’m pretty certain that she will at least make it to the final round. It seems our government are not learning from their mistakes.

In America, the political revolution is complete – Trump won the election and is now appointing his team. And how fascinating and refreshing it is to see individuals taking big jobs who have never been involved in elected politics before.

In the United Kingdom the situation is different. The world has changed but unfortunately the establishment has not yet woken up to this. They may come to regret it once more.