Farage: Trump is very, very welcome in my country

Speaking at a ‘Welcome Trump’ meeting in Parliament, hosted by the Bow Group, the Nigel Farage spoke of the importance of maintaining a good relationship with America and welcoming President Trump to the UK.

“He believes in Brexit, the people around him believe in Brexit, I’ve discussed it with him many times,” he told the packed committee room.

“Trump has said many times he wants a Europe of nation states…that he can respect and work with and co-operate with.

“In the last half an hour the President has tweeted that he’s not sure whether the voters in Great Britain are actually getting what they voted for.

“It’s going to be a very tense and a very difficult time and I think it’s very disappointing that what our current Prime Minister wants to do, is to put us on a course of regulatory alignment that would actually make a trade deal with America an impossible thing to do.

Nigel then apologised to the Americans, saying he was “sorry, but, you’re gonna have to be a bit more patient with us…we’re not quite ready yet to step up to the plate and to fully embrace the relationship that we need to in terms of security, military, trade and investment.

“But it’s only a matter of time because the forces that were there behind Brexit, that caused that earthquake, those forces are still there. We just need…one or two minor adjustments in this place (Parliament) in terms of who is leading us.

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“I’m very bullish about the relationship between our two nations, it’s a tricky, slightly rocky time we’re going through at the moment and President Trump, you are very, very welcome in my country.”