Farage to Orban: Come and join the Brexit club!

Nigel Farage has urged the Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban to “join the Brexit club” during a session in the European Parliament.

Orban faced MEPs during a Parliamentary session in which legislators considered whether to take disciplinary action against Hungry, known as Article 7.

MEPs have been debating whether Orban has disrespected EU values with his tough handling of the migrant crisis and if a two-thirds majority passes on Wednesday in the Parliament this could lead to Brussels monitoring Hungry’s actions.

However, Nigel Farage supported Orban in the session, saying: “Mr. Orban, thank God there is at least one European leader prepared to stand up for his principles, his nation, his culture and his people. In the face of such extreme bullying thank God you’re there.

“They want to strip you of your voting rights, they want to stop giving you European funding and all of it because you have the audacity to stand up to George Soros.”

He continued: “Mr. Orban, you keep saying you want to stay a member of this European Union, but it’s not just your country that’s been insulted today, you’ve been insulted today, time to be more logical come and join the Brexit, club you’ll love it.

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