Farage: Overthrowing Assad in Syria could lead to chaos, instability and the rise of ISIS

Nigel Farage has warned against people diving head first into war with Syrian regime, saying the alternative to Bashar al-Assad’s could be ‘chaos’ or even the formation of an ISIS-inspired nation.

Farage said: “We get rid of these Arab nationalist dictators because we think it’s the right thing to do having never thought through what the long term consequences are. If the result of concerted action between us, the Americans and the French results in the overthrow of Assad, is that the right thing for us to do?


We may thing morally it’s the right thing to do because of some of the awful things he’s done but ask yourselves the question: What comes next? Instability, chaos and maybe, maybe, a chance for ISIS to build their forces again.

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“So even if tomorrow Trump attacks, not waiting for a UN resolution I don’t think we should join and even if we did get a UN resolution I’d be very, very thoughtful about this. What in the longer terms are actually trying to achieve.”

Food for thought here then…