Farage: May's handling probably set back Brexit opportunities by 5 years

Nigel Farage has said Theresa May’s weak negotiating stance could have set back the opportunities of Brexit by about 5 years.

And, strap in snowflakes, because Britain’s leading Eurosceptic will have ‘no choice’ but to get back into frontline politics if Brexit is betrayed.

Farage told The Telegraph: “Even I, the most arch of Eurosceptics, would accept that provided we limp over the line on March 29th next year and we leave the Treaty of Rome we are free to sort out everything else in the years to come. I still think there are tremendous wasted opportunities.

“If Theresa May gets us there then the first bit of Brexit will have been completed and it will then be time for somebody very different and a different kind of politics in this country.

“What is clear is she has no intention of walking away. We could have negotiated this from a much, much stronger, much better position recognising we hold a very good hand of cards.

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“I will wake up on March 30th next year hopefully not feeling my best after a good party the night before. But I fear that because of the way May has handled this we’ve probably set back the real opportunities of Brexit by about 5 years.”

He added: “I’ve said consistently all through this that if Brexit really is betrayed I’d have no choice but to get back into the political frontline.”