Farage: May's Customs Union plan is betrayal of Brexit vote

Nigel Farage has slammed Theresa May’s Customs Union plan that will see the UK kept in for years to come, describing it as “a betrayal of the Brexit vote”.

Downing Street this morning are saying that any EU Customs Union arrangement would have a “time limit”. Though it remains to be seen how firm this commitment will be and what length of time it will now be dragged out til. Remember, Customs Union means no independent UK trade policy and no global trade deals.

Regardless of the time scale, Nigel isn’t impressed and has said: “Whether Mrs. May’s Customs Union plan is permanent or happens for a few years, it should not be happening at all and is a betrayal of the Brexit vote.

“This Prime Minister says one thing and then does another.”

The British people voted to take back control and for independence in 2016.

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