Farage: May should follow Trump's lead and stand strong against EU bullies

Nigel Farage used a speech in the European Parliament this morning to urge Prime Minister Theresa May to follow President Trump’s lead and stand strong against the European Commission.

Farage said: “Mrs. May we did not vote for a transition period, we voted to leave this organisation, we voted to leave the Customs Union, we voted to leave the Single Market.

“So please Mrs. May, at this summit next week do what Trump has done, stand strong against the European Commission, against the unelected bullies.”

He pointed out how after the Italian elections it was “pretty obvious the game is up anyway, so she’ll be doing not just the British people a favour but the whole of Europe too”.

Earlier he highlighted how “two-thirds of the British people think the European Commission are trying to bully us in these negotiations”.

“The EU’s bullying us, it bullies member states, it bullies its next door neighbours, it even bullies the third world with its neo-colonial policies. Well of course it does because the Europe of the Junckers, the Barniers, the Selmayrs is power without accountability.

“Well at long last you’ve met your match in Donald Trump. Now you may well scream and shout about his aluminium and steel tariffs but the EU puts tariffs on 13,000 goods coming into it, meaning  that shoes and bras and food are more expensive.”

Farage hit out at the “sheer hypocrisy of criticising Trump when you have already put tariffs on steel and aluminium amazes me. But it does show the folly of us going for a transition period.

“It shows the utter stupidity of the Labour Party wanting to sign us up to this permanently because in this USA dispute we now find ourselves trapped, impotent, unable to act. We need to be free, we voted Brexit, we voted to make our own trade policy, our own trade decisions. We could do a deal with America in 48 hours.”

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The Brexit legend helpfully pointed to how the “Trump Administration were describing us as their best ally in the world”.

A great speech – hopefully those in Downing Street are listening and will stand up to the Brussels bully boys.