Farage: It's not Trump threatening NATO, it's the European Commission

Nigel Farage has said it’s the European Commission that’s threatening NATO, not Donald Trump.

Speaking about President Trump’s demand for other NATO countries to pay their way, Farage said: “The real problem, of course, is Mr Juncker will be cheering this. What’s been going on is that they’ve been building the European Army, they want it completed by 2025, and he’s told European nations they only have to pay 1% to defence, not 2%.

“They’re allying that to getting rid of veto to foreign policy. The important message is that it’s not Trump threatening the future of NATO, it’s the European Commission.

“There are 29 members of nato and only 5 of them are paying the basic 2%. Germany is only paying 1.2%.”

He also said Theresa May missed her chance to stand tall on the world stage by acting as a bridge between NATO and President Trump.

But then again, what do you expect from Theresa May?

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