Farage: Irish border issue 'weaponised' to keep UK within EU regulatory framework

Nigel Farage has accused the European Union of “weaponising” the issue of the Irish border to keep the UK within the EU’s regulatory framework.

Speaking in the European Parliament this morning, Farage said that the “moment of truth” is approaching but than Brexiteers “are dismayed the way out Prime Minister has acted”, claiming that the EU’s negotiators had got the better of the British side and that the Irish border had been “weaponised” by Michel Barnier.

Farage said the issue had “nothing to do with the peace process whatsoever” and is “all to do with making sure the United Kingdom stays within the European regulatory framework” to stop the UK leaving and “becoming competitive”.

Theresa May had fallen for that “hook, line and sinker” he said whilst urging a simple free trade deal instead.

He hit out at the behaviour of EU bureaucrats, calling Donald Tusk’s behaviour in Salzburg “arrogant, low grade, pretty vulgar in every respect” that reflected an arrogance from top EU officials who think they can “do whatever the hell they like”.

Farage pointed out the increasingly authoritarian nature of the EU as regards the potential stripping of voting rights from Poland and Hungary, saying that Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt’s comparison of the EU to the Soviet Union show that “we have shifted the centre of gravity”.

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Bet that went down well with Juncker and Co…