Farage: Important that the UKIP voice is still there

Nigel Farage has pointed out how the party has “transformed the landscape” of British politics and insisted that a UKIP voice involved in the national debate moving forward remains important.

Speaking last night on BBC’s Any Questions, Nigel said: “Well, hasn’t British politics changed in the last couple of years?

“All of the things that I’ve been accused of banging on about have now been adopted wholesale by the Prime Minister.”

Farage pointed out how UKIP had “transformed the landscape of British politics in a way no party in living memory has ever done” and insisted that the country was now having “the right debate”.

Asked what the point of UKIP now was, Nigel pointed out how in the past as Home Secretary Theresa May had failed to deliver on promises and pledges, whilst being good at big set piece speeches.

He said that it was “very important the UKIP voice is still there” if May fails to deliver the Brexit that so many now expect.