Farage: I can help forge a closer UK-US relationship

Brexit Party Leader Nigel Farage has said that he isn’t the right man for the US Ambassador job – but that he is perfectly placed to help move the UK-US special relationship forward post-Brexit.

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Speaking to the BBC this morning, Farage admitted that he isn’t a diplomat but is wanting to help “big UK industrialists” meet with President Trump’s trade advisers to ensure the EU, along with America, realises the UK is serious about its post-Brexit vision as an independent nation.

He pointed out that if Brussels finally understands the UK is serious about an independent trade policy it “massively strengthens our position”.

Farage also said that he isn’t “the right man for that job” referring to the role of Ambassador following the ongoing controversy surrounding the current UK Ambassador who has been caught calling Trump’s Administration “incompetent”.

“Am I right the man to to try and help forge a better, closer relationship in terms of intelligence, security and trade with an Administration that contains friends of mine? Yes I could be very useful.”