Farage has higher net favourability rating than May or Corbyn, YouGov find

The Brexit Party’s Leader, Nigel Farage, now has a higher net favourability rating than Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn.

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That’s according to new polling from YouGov that finds Farage has a net score of -32, ahead of Corbyn on -50 and May on -49.

When you look at the the percentage of those who have a ‘very favourable’ or ‘somewhat favourable’ view, Farage is the top rated Party Leader in the country, with 27% having a favourable view.

That compares to 23% for Sir Vince Cable of the LibDems, 21% for Theresa May, 19% for Jeremy Corbyn, 10% for Heidi Allen and just 3% for Gerard Batten.

With packed rallies across the country, the numbers speak for themselves.