Farage: EU trying to divide Britain

Nigel Farage thinks EU negotiator Michel Barnier realises Britain has the upper hand in Brexit talks and is trying to divide our nation.

It comes after Barnier met Corbyn yesterday, a meeting which led to the Labour boss announcing: “We are clear that we will pay whatever we are legally obliged to pay and those EU funded programs in the UK that go beyond 2019 must also continue.”

Corbyn’s hardly making Brussels whistle for its cash.

Farage said: “I do think the EU’s in trouble and I do wonder whether Barnier himself is now beginning to wonder that and what you’re now seeing is lobbying going on behind the scenes from German car makers saying ‘Monsieur Barnier, for goodness sake let’s get a sensible trade deal or we’ll lose jobs in Munich and Bavaria’.

“I wonder whether the Irish government is saying that without agricultural exports to the UK, Ireland’s rural economy is in real trouble.

“I wonder whether he sees that weakness and is using that in an effort to divide us.”

Divide and conquer? That’s the tactic of expansionist, imperialistic dictators isn’t it?