Farage: EU treatment of Hungary and Poland must remind them of Communist Soviet Union

Nigel Farage said the EU’s treatment of Hungary and Poland must remind them of living under the Communist Soviet Union.

Speaking at the State of the Union address, Nigel criticised plans to expand the failed open borders policy to Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia, and proposals to create a fully functioning European Defence Union.


Nigel said: “This is the most honest and truly worrying speech I’ve heard in my long years in this place. There’s to be one powerful President for the whole of the EU, a finance minister with fresh powers to intervene as and when they see necessary, a stronger European Army in a militarised European Union with perhaps a more aggressive foreign policy too. It’s more Europe in every single direction and all of it to be done without the consent of the people.

“The way you’re treating Hungary and Poland already must remind them of living under the Soviet Communists when you attempt to tell them how to run their own countries. All I can say is thank God we’re leaving.

“If you think the populist wave is over, if these plans of Mr Juncker’s come to fruition then far from the populist wave being over, I doubt it’s even begun.”