Farage: DUP’s Arlene Foster has played “heroic role” on Brexit

Nigel Farage has praised DUP Leader Arlene Foster for her “heroic role” in preventing Northern Ireland being kept in the EU in all but name.

Farage accused Theresa May and the Irish government of trying to “bounce the DUP into a deal after it had been signed in Brussels.”

Nigel said that the DUP Leader had “played a heroic role over the last 24 hours” and that “if it begins to signal that No Deal is possible and frankly given the unreasonable demands that have be made by Brussels from day one, it’s very difficult or impossible really to have any deal that doesn’t betray the Brexit vote, if that’s where we’re heading so be it bring it on is all I can say.”

“Well done Arlene Foster, terrific in my view but I’m a Brexiteer, I would say that.”

Farage also accused May of “bouncing Eurosceptics such as Boris Johnson and Michael Gove into all sorts of concessions” in the EU negotiations on issues such as the divorce settlement and rights of citizens.