Farage: 35,000 registrations for Brexit Party in 48 hours

Fresh off the back of the revelation yesterday that 15,000 people had subscribed to the Brexit Party in 24 hours, Nigel Farage has updated the numbers to 35,000 registrations in 48 hours.

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The architect of UKIP’s astonishing rise in British politics has warned that any Article 50 extension and delay to the UK’s EU exit would see him battling for the newly registered Brexit Party in May’s European Elections. The Conservatives and Labour would have to be insane to allow that to happen.

Tweeting this morning, Nigel revealed that: “An astonishing 35,000 people have registered as supporters of The Brexit Party in the first 48 hours, our politicians had better listen. Visit to sign up.”

Theresa May better stick to her promise of an EU exit on 29th March…

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