Far-left mob shut down Lewisham by-election hustings

In a worrying development for all who believe in democracy, a far-left mob yesterday managed to force the police to shut down a hustings for the Lewisham East by-election that included UKIP and the LibDems.

Video footage shows the baying mob outside chanting “UKIP scum” as candidate David Kurten entered the event venue, with people swearing outside.

Once inside, an activist then decided to interrupt Kurten’s speech in a further attempt to shut down debate.

Eventually, the organiser was forced to say: “I’m sorry to have to tell you that the police inspector has decided that he wants to close the meeting because of the public order dangers outside.

“He’s worried about the danger to people on the streets and he has decided that it is within his power.”

Responding to the shut down, David Kurten said: “It is an outrage that fascist ‘anti-fascist’ far-left thugs have closed down the Lewisham East By-Election hustings.

“There was no chance for voters to hear candidates answer questions. It is a dark day for democracy and free speech when a group of thugs has been allowed to close down a debate and stop voters from hearing and questioning legitimate political parties and make up their own minds who they wish to vote for.”

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So now a London hustings can’t even take place if the mob want to shout it down. Extremely worrying.