Family of Telford grooming victim: 'Police snubbed plea to prosecute paedophile'

The family of a girl who died when her paedophile boyfriend torched her house in Telford are asking why he was never charged with child abuse, saying it could have alerted authorities to widespread child grooming in the area.

It emerged that around 1,000 girls could be involved in the Telford child sex ring, but surely this could have been avoided.

Surely police should have questioned Azhar Ali Mehmood when he fathered a baby with 14-year-old Lucy Lowe, or charged him with child sex offences as well as murder when he set her house on fire, killing her, her mum and sister?

Lucy’s uncle said: “Mehmood had sex with an underage girl. I raised it with police when she died but nothing ever came of it. I’ve never got my head around that. Why has he never been punished for it?

“He might call himself her boyfriend but she was underage. Why weren’t social services involved? This should have raised alarm bells. I believe this is still ongoing.”

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