EU's largest political group calls for European burka ban

The extent to which the threat of radical Islam is finally hitting home to even those in the European establishment is demonstrated by the call for a Europe-wide burka ban from the EU’s largest political grouping.

This is now official policy for the European People’s Party, the biggest group in the European Parliament with 216 MEPs in its ranks, who adopted the measure for a full EU-wide burka ban at its annual congress.

Angela Merkel’s party is in the group as is Jean-Claude Juncker, along with a bunch of other establishment parties across the whole of the continent

Manfred Weber is in Merkel’s German CDU/CSU alliance and is also the EPP’s Leader in the European Parliament. He has said explicitly: “We want a total ban of face covering in the EU.”

The motion also calls for “the avoidance of concentrating thousands of third-country nationals in any one location” and “mandatory integration requirements”.

What used to be dismissed as far-right, xenophobic and extreme is now mainstream. Increasingly even those in the political mainstream can see that Europe must start asserting its culture and identity if it is to effectively combat radical Islam. With attacks in Paris, Brussels, London, Stockholm, Berlin and elsewhere, we need words to be followed with swift action now.