EU's Barnier: We intend to teach Brits what Brexit means

The European Union’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier as arrogantly claimed that the British people need to be ‘educated’ about Brexit.

Barnier was speaking in Italy when he said that: “There are extremely serious consequences of leaving the single market and it hasn’t been explained to the British people. We intend to teach people…what leaving the single market means.”

The incredibly arrogant remark is the latest outrage from the EU side, as they refuse to constructively engage in the Brexit negotiations, move things forward or talk about a UK-EU trade agreement at all until the British side agrees to cough up a huge Brexit bill.

It is clear that as with the Euro, the EU’s approach is political not economic. Rather than representing the interests of European business and workers who will suffer if there is no deal done, the likes of Michel Barnier are more interested in grandstanding and playing silly propaganda games.

Remember that no deal means no Brexit bill…