EU's Barnier dismisses May's Chequers plan

The prospect of a No Deal Brexit looks increasingly likely, with the EU’s Chief Negotiator saying: “We are not going to negotiate on the basis of the White Paper.”

Predictably, despite Theresa May putting forward a pathetically weak plan that would sign the UK up to an EU rulebook, it has had a lukewarm reaction in Brussels as the clock continues to tick.

Barnier and the EU don’t want to see the UK gain competitive advantage from independence and Barnier said“There were questions that do give rise to a few problems. There are some elements which do seem to contract the guidelines of the EU Council.

“There is no justification for us for the EU running the risk of weakening the Single Market. That is our main asset.”

Conservative MEP David Campbell Bannerman pointed out how serious the situation now is with Barnier rejecting the “core basis” of May’s Chequers plan.

The EU’s response was also picked up by former MEP Roger Helmer who described how Barnier had ‘summarily rubbished’ the proposal.

It increasingly appears as though the EU aren’t willing to soften their hardline stance. In which case rather than concessions and surrender the British government should simply walk away.