Eurosceptics 'on course to win more than a third of seats in EU Parliament'

Anti-EU and Eurosceptic forces are set to make up a chunky bloc of the next European Parliament after May’s EU elections, according to the European Council on Foreign Relations.

In a new report, they claim that “anti-Europeans on their way to winning more than one-third of seats in the next European Parliament” meaning that “the stakes in the May 2019 election are unusually high”.

In a breakdown of the projected results, the study finds that 132 ‘far-right’ MEPs are set to be elected which would be 19% of the chamber overall. This group includes 29 MEPs elected representing Italy’s Lega plus a further 24 for the Five Star Movement.

In France, Marine Le Pen’s Eurosceptic National Rally are on course to win 22 seats plus the Debout la France could take another 7. In Germany, the anti-mass migration AFD could elect 13 MEPs and the relatively new Spanish nationalists, Vox, could go from 0 to 6 seats.

Meanwhile another group classed as ‘Conservative Eurosceptics’ could win a further 65 seats representing a further 9% of the Parliament.

The author’s of the report have wrote: “The vote could see a group of nationalist anti-European political parties that advocate a return to a ‘Europe of the nations’ win a controlling share of seats

“Their ability to paralyze decision-making at the center of the EU would defuse pro-Europeans’ argument that the project is imperfect but capable of reform.”

The Eurosceptic rebellion inside the EU will continue post-Brexit. Who will be next to follow the UK out the door?