Eurosceptic Orban riding high in polls with Hungarian elections set for April

Hungarian President Janos Ader has announced the country’s General Election will take place on April 8th, with Viktor Orbán widely tipped to win a third term.

Orbán’s Fidesz party won 44% in the 2014 elections, however, his wild popularity has seen his party polling as high as 61% – suggesting early on that he will storm the election and return more seats than ever before.

“I don’t see any threat from the opposition,” political analyst Attila Tibor Nagy told Bloomberg, adding that “they will be battling between themselves for the best runner-up position”.

According to Bloomberg, if Orbán were to win 52% of the vote, he would have a two-thirds majority in the Hungarian Parliament.

Another example of how politicians who stand up for strong borders, against mass migration and resist Brussels dictatorship are gaining in popularity across Europe.