Eurosceptic MPs warn May not to back down on Brexit votes

Eurosceptic Tory MPs are sending a dossier to Cabinet Ministers warning them of the damage that would be caused to Brexit if they voted in favour of some of the Lords’ amendments to the Brexit Bill.

MPs are worried Theresa May is willing to back own on some of the amendments, but the Eurosceptic MPs think that would be unacceptable.

The dossier reportedly states: “There are 15 amendments…Collectively these would frustrate, delay and potentially reverse Brexit.

“Voting for them would not be consistent with voting for the Referendum Act, respecting the referendum result or for triggering Article 50.”

It adds that accepting the Lords’ proposal for a ‘meaningful vote…could cause material damage to the Government’s ability to negotiate a deal’.

The amendment that seeks to take the actual exit date out of the Brexit legislation “would be seen domestically and internationally as a vote against Brexit,” it states.

“It would be catastrophically politically, damage Brexit and the chances of a good deal.”

This comes just a day after Tory MP David Morris called for rebel MPs to lose the party whip if they vote against the government.

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Theresa May’s been warned – do not back down. If the Tory rebels betray their own manifesto, they’ll be condemning their party to defeat and committing political suicide as well.