Eurosceptic, anti-open borders parties are dominating Central and Eastern Europe

The European Union is in big, big trouble. Right across Central and Eastern Europe, Euroscepticsm is on the rise and nations are even joining forces, rallying against what they see as the creation of an EU superstate.

The Visegrad Group, made up of Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, told the EU to reform or die. In a statement that directly opposed Brussels’ desire to do away with national identity and sovereignty, Polish Prime Minister, Beata Szydło, said: “The diversity of the EU’s individual member states is an asset that strengthens and not weakens Europe.”

But the anti-EU feeling runs much deeper than that – in Hungary, Viktor Orban is polling at 61% due to his strong Eurosceptic, anti-mass-migration stance. He’s built a border wall and threatened to send the EU the €400m bill, he’s detaining asylum seekers while their application is processed on the grounds of national security.

Heck, he’s even running anti-George Soros adverts. Just yesterday, Orban pulled out of an annual meeting with German officials, one that’s been running for 26 years, because he doesn’t like being dictated to by other nations.

And Hungary’s second party, Jobbik, is also extremely anti-EU.

Then in Poland, the ruling Law and Justice Party is anti-mass migration and Eurosceptic. Earlier this month, its popularity at the polls shot up to 42.8%.

Poland has outright refused the EU’s demands for migrant quotas, in fact, its Foreign Minister, Witold Waszczykowski said: “Irresponsible politicians are those who opened the borders and accepted a wave of migration, the way Angela Merkel did.

“It was an irresponsible move because today we are dealing with hundreds of thousands of migrants who have not been identified, many missing minors and many…who could not be absorbed even by the affluent German economy and who will be living on the dole for years.”

Poland’s President has also said his nation will not be ‘dictated to’.

And then there’s Bulgaria, which is not a member of the Visegrad Group, but the Defence Minister, Krasimir Karakachanov,  has said that Europe should be prepared to send troops to its external borders in order to prevent illegal migration into Europe.

The second largest party in Bulgaria, Socialist Party, is openly pro-Russia and anti-EU! They’re only a few points behind the ruling party in the polls.

Slovakia filed a joint case with Hungary against EU migrant quotas.

In Austria, the people want Eurosceptic, anti-mass-migration coalition between The Austrian People’s Party (OVP) and the Freedom Party of Austria (FPO).

Both parties are anti-mass-migration, with the OVP focusing on ending EU open borders at the election, and the FPO is completely Eurosceptic.

And finally, in the Czech Republic, their version of Donald Trump, Andrej Babis, stormed to victory on an anti-mass-migration ticket. Even the second placed party is hugely Eurosceptic: The ODS also opposes multiculturalism and believes that immigrants from different cultures should be accepted only if they respect Czech culture and learn Czech language and about history.

And the SDP party, which came fourth, actually wants the Czech Republic to leave the EU!

The evidence is all here: vast swathes of the continent don’t agree with open borders or the loss of their national sovereignty. Yet Jean-Claude Juncker and his Europhile cronies are ploughing ahead with the creation of the EU superstate anyway. Surely it’s just a matter of time before the whole Brussels bloc comes tumbling down.